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Weather & Safety

Ballooning is VERY weather dependent

Your flight may be cancelled due to unsafe weather conditions

What might be a nice day to the average person may not be a good balloon flying day.

The most common reason for cancelling a flight is wind speed. Anything more than light winds is too fast. The balloon is massive. It stands over 40 meters high just sitting on the ground. It needs to be very calm and stable for the first few hundred feet to be able to inflate the balloon and take off safely. Once we are up and flying, we can fly a bit faster, within reason. We also like it nice and calm when we come back down to land again.

So, it’s the surface wind for the first few hundred feet, that’s the all-important wind, not just the wind speed at ground level.

Other conditions that will keep us grounded include very hot mornings, rain, total fire ban, low visibility (fog/extremely low cloud) and thunderstorms.

The decision whether to cancel a flight is not made lightly.

We do not want to disappoint our passengers, but we also do not want to put them at any unnecessary risk. Safety is our number one priority and responsibility.
Justin, our pilot, is extremely proud of his safety record spanning 30 years and uses his experience and knowledge to make the best decision.

To give ourselves the best chance of having a flight we have two flying areas.
Plan A is to fly over the Barossa, but sometimes the weather conditions don’t allow that to happen.
Plan B is to fly over the Murray River. Sometimes the weather can be better there but not always.
Plan C if plan A and B don’t work, is to go back home to bed.

All of this means that you can relax and enjoy the amazing experience of hot air ballooning, you are in safe hands!!

At Barossa Balloon Adventures your safety is our number one priority and our paramount responsibility.

You will be given a pre-flight safety briefing that covers the landing position etc. The balloon will have a pre-flight inspection as it is inflated and all checks completed as per the balloon’s flight manual before take off.

Our balloons have a major inspection every 12 months by our Maintenance Manager, John Stein. He is committed to the best maintenance of our fleet of balloons. He has attended maintenance courses at the balloon manufacturer’s factory, Kavanagh Balloons in Sydney.

We are governed and inspected by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), operating under an Air Operator Certificate number C-408865.

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