Why Fly with Balloon Adventures

Balloon Adventures has been a family owned and operated business since 1986.
We have flown thousands of very happy people of all ages over the years.

Here’s why we believe Barossa Balloon Adventures is your best choice to fly with…

  • Justin, our pilot has an excellent safety record, which has been his focus ever since he started to learn to fly in the Barossa when he was just 16 years old back in 1987. His father, John, got his family into ballooning back in 1982. Then he turned his love for ballooning into a business in 1986.
  • We are an accredited hot air ballooning company approved through the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.
  • We believe in providing a professional but also personal service. Ballooning is a once in a lifetime experience, often done for a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary etc. It’s usually the first and only time people will fly in a hot air balloon so we want to make it as special as we possible can.

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Barossa Balloon Adventures is South Australia’s (and one of Australia’s) longest running and most experienced hot air ballooning companies. We have been flying over the Barossa Valley region since 1986. Justin Stein, your pilot, has the most experience of flying the Barossa Valley region than any pilot in Australia. His in-depth knowledge of the topography and localised weather means he can skilfully choose your flight path to capture the best views the Barossa has to offer.

At Barossa Balloon Adventures, your safety is our number one priority and we take this very seriously. Our pilot is very proud of his safety record, having flown thousands of passengers over the Barossa many, many years.
For more info regarding safety see our safety page.

Your Pilot
Your pilot will be Justin Stein. He is a second generation balloon pilot. His father did it before him. He has over 3000 flights logged over the past 31 years. He has an outstanding safety record, and a sense of humour too! He is the Chief pilot and as the owner of the company has a vested interest in giving you the best possible experience. With Justin you will be safe, you will have fun and you may even become as passionate about ballooning as he is

Your comfort is also important to us. With that in mind we have forward facing seats in all our retrieve vehicles, and they are all fully air-conditioned throughout. Bottled water is supplied immediately after the flight in summer.

Philosophy and Values
Our philosophy is simple: We love what we do and we want you to love it too!

We want our passengers to feel part of the incredible beauty of hot air ballooning and provide a high quality adventure experience. A quote from Justin Stein, Chief Pilot, sums it up “Of course safety is paramount, but we also strive to make it as personalised and enjoyable as we can. After all these years I think I have the right balance of getting the safety message across with the right amount of humour, you’re out there to have a good time after all.”

Please see our terms and conditions.

We are a local family owned and operated company, and very much part of the Barossa community. We believe in supporting the local community that supports us. We not only have a passion for ballooning but also for the Barossa region that we fly over. As a long standing local business we are passionate about showcasing the best the Barossa has to offer and creating a total Barossa experience.

Come flying with us and let us show you what the Barossa has to offer; from the food, the wine, and of course the amazing views, all whilst having the adventure of a lifetime!

Highly Recommended

“Great way to start the day! The early rise was well worth it. We really enjoyed our flight from takeoff to perfect landing… Got some fantastic pics on our leisurely drift across the Barossa Valley. The gourmet breakfast after the flight was better than average too. Highly recommend.”

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